PORTMAN Academy is to diversify and to balance extra-curricular activities such as PORTMAN Groovers, PORTMAN Jammerz, PORTMAN Dragons and many more. The aim is to develop good attitudes of pride, sportsmanship and ethical behaviour in students and it also encourages the development of team spirit among all members.

PORTMAN Groovers objective is to develop a good relationship among all PORTMAN students and staffs through movement. This activity encourages PORTMANians to exercise together in a fun based way to maintain a healthy life-style once a week. PORTMAN Groovers also cheer and motivate PORTMANians during competitions. This team supports and raises PORTMAN spirit to give their best in competitions they participate.


PORTMAN Players is a student run drama & acting club that expresses literary appreciation through joy and value of drama plays. It is as well a platform for students to involve in art and express themselves. 

PORTMAN Dragon’s objective is to utilize sports as a branding tool through enhanced PORTMAN College brand. This sport team is built to create energetic and active students that can bring opportunities to encourage PORTMANians to participate and represent PORTMAN College to foster close relationship with the community.
• To create a healthy and active culture through our sport activities and events
• To create unity among students
• To promote teamwork and team spirit


To be a medium for students to increase their portfolio in co-curricular activities


• To create a minimum of 4 events per academic calendar

• To collaborate with all the clubs and organize sports events for students

• To discover students’ hidden talents in sports





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