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President/ Group CEO, 

PORTMAN Education Group.

Ernie is a passionate educationist who believes that the right kind of education can really change a person’s life just like how it has changed his. Ernie was better known as a failure in the traditional education system as he was just not interested in the boring teaching methods from the Malaysian education school system that led him to scoring NO As in his SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). But in reality, he is a highly curious individual that searches for the right kind of education that would make him the successful person that he is today.


Today, Ernie serves as the Founder, President & Group CEO of the PORTMAN Education Group. Ernie graduated with a MA in Communication, BA in Mass Communication, Western Kentucky University, USA, and is a candidate for the Doctoral in Philosophy in Business Administration (DBA) from Asia e University, Malaysia. Ernie has more than 25 years of experience working with education, training, entertainment, events, media, communications, outsourcing, digital solutions and food & beverages industries.


Ernie is a TV & Radio personality, globally renowned international speaker and serial entrepreneur. He is better known as Asia’s No.1 Business Coach by his peers, colleagues, customers, partners, friends and students for his enthusiasm in building people, brands, businesses and is one of the most powerful and influential speakers from Asia. Ernie is an expert, well-known persuasive communication, sales & service strategist and practitioner.


He is also a world-traveled speaker with a proven track record in leading speaking engagements and a frequent speaker at national and international conferences for businesses events. Ernie has also personally taught, trained 100,000 people and advised more than 500 corporate clients that include Multinational Corporations and Large Local Conglomerates such as Financial Services Institutions, Telecommunications, Property Developers, High Tech Industries, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Advertising and Entertainment.


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